Business Constitution Contracts


Shareholders' Agreements

For private limited companies with two or more shareholders, it is prudent that an agreement is in place to regulate decision making and business operations, particularly if the company only has generic Table A or Model Articles in place.

Partnership Deeds

Without a bespoke partnership agreement in place, the partners are governed by the Partnership Act 1890 which brings with it particular risks.  Contact Aurora Legal for more information.

LLP Deeds

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs_ have been around for over 15 years and were a preferred vehicle of professional services firms.  If you are a member of an LLP and you would like to learn more about this agreements, please contact Aurora Legal for assistance.

Bespoke Articles of Association

Many shareholders, directors and owner-managers of private limited companies rely on either Table A (for pre-01/10/2009 incorporated companies) or Model Articles to regulate their company.  Depending on the company structure, these may prove insufficient for most business owners' needs.  Contact Aurora Legal for more information on this subject.

Cross Option Agreements

These contracts are typically drafted when owner-managed company shareholders wish to undertake succession planning, particularly in the event of the death of a shareholder.  These agreements usually work in tandem with shareholder protection policies.  Aurora Legal has experience in working with other commercial intermediaries (such as IFAs), to provide a joined-up service offering to the mutual client.

Share Option Schemes

Aurora Legal is experienced in advising on company share option schemes, including employee share schemes,  Whether working along side the company's accountants in setting up a scheme or acting as lead advisor, Aurora Legal can assist with your specific requirements.