Corporate Legal Services

Share Sales and Purchases

Aurora Legal has a wealth of experience in assisting both selling shareholders and acquiring company directors in the sale and purchase of shares in private limited companies.  Aurora Legal can guide you through the sometimes daunting process from the preliminary stages of agreeing heads of terms, through the legal due diligence stage, drafting and negotiating the share sale and purchase agreement, including guidance on appropriate warranties and the disclosure process, through to completion. If you are considering entering into one of these transactions, please phone 01252 720 812 for expert assistance and a fee quote. 

Business Asset Sales and Purchases

Similar to share sales and purchases, Aurora Legal can provide legal assistance with transactions involving the sale and purchase of assets.  Whether you are a director or owner/manager of the selling company or the proposed acquirer, Aurora Legal can provide advice and lead you through the process. Call 01252 720 812 for further information together with an indication on fees.

Mergers & Joint Ventures

If you are proposing to grow your business through the process of a merger or joint venture with another company, Aurora Legal's experience can assist.  Phone 01252 720 812 today for further information on the services we offer.