Intellectual Property


Commercial IP Solutions

Aurora Legal advise clients on all aspects of digital and social media, technology, publishing, games and ecommerce, that covers a wide range of IP, commercial contracts, consumer, marketing, and regulatory issues. With expertise across many media verticals, and a comprehensive understanding of IP/rights, online platforms, technology and business models,  Aurora Legal can support activity that often requires a new commercial model, deal structure and strategic thinking.

Aurora Legal work with a wide range of clients providing IP legal solutions to both customers and suppliers, including tech-based entrepreneurs and start-ups, social media and digital creators, publishers and agencies, through to international brands and media companies.

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Trade Mark Protection & IP Licensing

Aurora Legal is experienced in protecting clients' intellectual property through the registration of trade marks at the Intellectual Property Office.

In relation to licensing, whether it be software, trade marks or other forms of intellectual property, Aurora Legal can assist in negotiating a contract suitable for your requirements, regardless of whether you are the proposed licensee or licensor.

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