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Commercial Legal Services

Aurora Legal can assist you with most commercial contracts, whether drafting on your behalf or negotiating a contract you have received from your trading counter-part.  This includes franchise agreements, commercial agents contracts, distribution agreements, bespoke sales T&Cs, software and other types of IP licensing.  Visit our commercial contracts page for more information.


Corporate Legal Services & Company Constitution

Auroral Legal has a wealth of experience in assisting shareholders and owner managers on company sales and acquistions, whether structured as a share sale/purchase or an asset sale/purchase.  Furthermore, if you are seeking to sell your business, Aurora Legal can also assist selling business owners with the important preliminary aspects of M&A to ensure a smoother transaction.  Visit our corporate page for more information.

Aurora Legal has many years' experience advising business owners in relation to drafting shareholders' agreements, cross option deeds, bespoke articles of association, LLP Deeds and Partnership Deeds. It is prudent to have appropriate agreements in place to formally regulate the decision making and reward aspects of your business. Visit our business constitution page for more information and if you require advice or have any queries, please contact Jonathan Craig on 01252 720 812.


Intellectual Property

Aurora Legal has 20+ years' experience advising clients in relation to most aspects of IP including digital and social media, technology, publishing, games and ecommerce, covering commercial contracts, consumer, marketing, and regulatory issues. With a comprehensive understanding of IP/rights, online platforms, technology and business models, Aurora Legal can support activity that often requires a new commercial model, deal structure and strategic thinking. Visit our Intellectual Property page for more information and if you require advice or have any queries, please contact David Deakin on 07801 493 508.